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Hottest Car Leasing Deals

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Looking for a hot car lease deal? Look no further! Grand Prix Motors is proud to offer some of the hottest leasing deals in town. Whether you’re looking for a Mercedes, BMW, or Nissan, Grand Prix got you covered. Contact Lenny Komsky today and let him help you drive off in the car of your dreams.


Hottest Car Deals for Buyers to Consider

Looking for the hottest car deals? Lenny Komsky, the owner of Grand Prix Motors, recently appeared on the Alpha Insider podcast hosted by Michael Levitis, the founder of Alpha PR Pro, to share the list of cars with the hottest deals that buyers should consider.

Alpha Insider conducts interviews with experts in their respective fields to educate the public on Business FAQs. Read the blog to find out what car models are available on the list of best car deals and should be the first choice for buyers this month of October, 2022.

Cars with the Best Deals

Lenny Komsky joined Michael Levitis on his podcast, the Alpha PR Pro, to share something very useful for people who are planning to buy a car in the coming days.

The guests on the podcast shared their views about which is the best car with the hottest deal to buy in the month of October.

The first on the list came from Lenny, the owner of GrandPrix Motors. His call was a Hyundai Sonata. 2023 S II. He said – “the car is going to run $369 a month for 36 months with 10,000 miles with zero down payment.”

The second came from a Grand Prix Motors salesperson. He mentioned – Nissan Murano. The other details are $399 a month for 18 months with zero down payment. Alan, a salesperson from BMW, gave his best deal on the BMW X5. The interview continued, and lots of exciting deals were shared during the podcast.

Want to Know More?

Watch the full video podcast of Michael Levities with Lenny Komsky to expand your awareness about the best car deals you can grab in the month of October. Find the video on Alpha PR Pro Podcast.


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