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How to Sell Your House Fast with Proper Marketing

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Are you looking to sell your house fast? If so, then you need to make sure that you’re using the proper marketing techniques. In this video, Real Estate Associate Broker Olga Zakinova and Lucy Edwards of VHT Studios share their top tips for getting your home sold quickly and for the best price possible.

The Importance of Proper Marketing in Selling a Home


If you want to sell a home in the real estate business, you must ensure that you are marketing the property in a highly effective manner. Olga Zakinova, a successful Real Estate associate from Douglas Elliman, and Lucy Edwards, Director at VHD Studios, recently appeared on the Alpha Insider podcast hosted by Michael Levitis, the founder of Alpha PR Pro, to discuss the proper marketing ways to sell a home.

Alpha Insider conducts interviews with experts in their respective fields to educate the public on Business FAQs. Read on to find out the proper marketing ways to sell a home.

Marketing a Property

Though it is always the property and its various attributes that define its price, good marketing is also very important. Unless your phone is not buzzing with calls from interested buyers, you can’t sell a home, and marketing is a must to expand the scope of finding potential buyers.

So it is wise to say that having a good property is not enough/ Marketing also plays a significant role in selling a home for a higher price.

During the interview, Olga Zakinova and Lucy Edwards shed their focus on how marketing plays the role of a differentiator and how different technologies are coming into use for the purpose.

Here are some of the most crucial marketing techniques to sell a home, as discussed during the podcast.

Get Professional Photos and Videos of the Property

Homebuyers search for properties on the internet these days. And therefore, it is important to have a great collection of photos and videos of the property that develops the initial interest of the buyer.

So when you are selling a home, make sure to hire a professional photographer who can cover all the top qualities of the property in the pictures.

The guests at Alpha PR Pro, Olga, and Lucy, also talked about the importance of getting aerial shots of the property using new Drone technology. They mentioned that a good aerial view of a home helps provide more details to the buyers. It covers the neighborhood and the property’s open areas, which grabs the buyers’ attention.

Cleaning and Staging

The scope of responsibilities of a real estate agent is much wider than it is usually perceived. And it starts from the point when they come in contact with a seller. As Olga mentioned, it is the agent’s duty to understand a home’s story, set every element that affects the visual appearance of the home in line, and then proceed with making a brochure or adding photos and videos of the property to the online listing.

Cleaning the property also comes under the process of marketing a property because it is obvious you can’t organize an open house or post pictures of a home in a bad state.

Long story short, listing the property is not the only job of a Real Estate agent and not the only task involved in selling a home. You need to make sure that you are reaching the potential buyers with a nicely cleaned and well-maintained property that speaks its worth.

Use New Technologies

The two new technologies that help in selling a home faster and have become a vital component of the marketing strategies in Real Estate are Drones and 3D Virtual Staging.

As mentioned above, Drones are used to capture the beauty of a home from the sky that attracts buyers. 3D Virtual Tours, on the other end, allow buyers to get an immersive, high-quality visualization experience that gives them a better understanding of the property from the comfort of their homes.

Both technologies are recently being more focused in the Real Estate industry as tools for better marketing, and the results are impressive.

Lucy Edwards explained how her company works with Real Estate Agents in designing virtual 3D tours of the property and has helped them in achieving better results while selling a home. Olga Zakinova also shared her experiences of how HD aerial shots and impressive virtual tours increased her reach with the audience through different online mediums.


Without proper marketing, a property can never get the level of attention it deserves from the buyers. The above-mentioned three techniques make strong pillars of marketing for property, and one must pay 100% attention to them while selling a home.

Watch the whole video to listen to Olga Zakinova and Lucy Edwards explaining with stats how proper marketing increases the chances of selling a home faster. Find the video on Alpha PR Pro Podcast.


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